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Posted 3/27/2015

Check out the picture which follows, of the rustic candle holders made by Michael Hilldale.  His pieces are all unique and you'll rarely find any two alike.  Now, proudly on display - and for sale - at By Mountain Hands!

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Sharing New Items

More pictures to share!

Posted 3/16/2015

Image Gallery

By Mountain Hands is pleased to share some more pictures we took at the new store.  As a reminder, we also have additional pictures in our photo gallery. 

Spring is here and Easter is two weeks away.  Be sure to stop by the store and pick out something special for your friends and family.  Remember... it's  better to give than receive!

See you soon... at By Mountain Hands!

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Welcome Spring!

Posted 3/8/2015


Oh those welcomed days of spring... they are here one day and seem to be gone the next.  At least they will be here more often now that daylight savings time has arrived.  If you are like me, you feel more vibrant - more alive - and wanting to do more.  Speaking of more, as in more holidays - Easter is right around the corner, to be followed by Mother's Day.  

With that regard, don't forget to stop by our newly located store - still at Macon Center Drive - but a few doors down from where we were.  We have a new store front which gave us the opportunity to rearrange things.  Our prices are still very very reasonable, especially for handmade items.  Just because it is a new year doesn't mean our prices are going up.  Stop by and say hi, or shop, or both!  We'd love to see you soon... at By Mountain Hands!

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The new store looks great!!

Posted 3/4/2015

Of course, that is my own opinion.  I guess you'll just have to stop by and see what you think.  Our store is a little smaller now, but we've managed to not make it look too crowded.  And we still have a room for classes which we plan to start again in a few weeks.  When we schedule our classes, they will be posted both here on our website and on our Facebook page.

We'll be posting pictures of our new store as soon as tomorrow.


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