Our Mission

To provide the local artists of Franklin, North Carolina and the surrounding area with a place to sell their handcrafted works of art, quilts, ornaments, furniture, knitted and crocheted items, rugs, pictures, fabric crafts, paper crafts, pottery, sculptures, etc.  Also, to establish a Learning Center that will offer classes in a wide variety of arts and crafts - from traditional Appalachian crafts - to newer, electic art forms.

Our Vision

To provide retail and internet outlets and be a place of inspiration, fellowship, training, and opportunity for artists to learn, develop their crafts , and to sell their wares.


                            Our Town 

Franklin, North Carolina is a unique village nestled in the heart of the Smoky Mountains. Franklin is the county seat of Macon County and is recognized as the trade center of Southwestern North Carolina. Franklin is home to approximately 3,700 citizens, but the population nearly doubles during the warm weather with our seasonal residents due to our temperate climate and beautiful scenery.



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